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Sustainable, Ethical, Handmade

Maha Loka is an environmentally friendly company that offers sustainable products thoughtfully produced by ethically sound people from around the globe.


Our Philosophy

Using eco-friendly and recyclable materials we are able to provide products that leave little to no carbon footprint and help to support villages and people worldwide. With the planet on our mind, we have created a line of sustainable hand made products to reflect our desire to protect the earth and its people. It is with great passion and meaning we seek the most resourceful and imaginative materials and products. Each hand made creation comes from someone’s hands - not just a factory line. Precious time and effort is put into each product to ensure great quality, integrity and style.


Our Story


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“Do Great” Tote Bag

With reusable bags becoming all the rage and a handbag essential, the Do Great Tote will take you from coffee with friends to the market with ease. This upcycled and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic grocery bags is the perfect accessory for the eco-minded shopper.


Style & Quality

Our products come from around this great world - the Maha Loka.

From Italy to Bali and from New York to Kenya, each product is different in style, however our Bohemian Chic aesthetic is present across our entire company.

At Maha Loka we guarantee our products because we believe in the quality and stand behind our craftsmen. Every product is hand made by an artisan who channels their soul through their craft.

It is with great pride we present the Maha Loka line.


Click below to watch the Making of the Do Great tote

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