A Taste of India

The spices used to create our tea blends have been hand picked directly from plantations in Kerala, India.

It was important that the ingredients we used in our blends came from the local plantations and farmers that take pride in to ensuring quality, sustainability, and natural cultivation of these spices. Grown without pesticides and blended without artificial flavors, our chai teas connect you with the best flavors nature has to offer!


For these ladies, “chai is more than just a drink, it is a part of our culture and heritage.” 

Growing up in an Indian household, the sisters behind The Chai Box started drinking chai tea at the age of two. By age twelve, they were blending their own teas. The sisters’ journey of discovering the amazing flavors of the various tea leaves and spices grown in India led to the creation of The Chai Box. The Chai Box is a reflection of personal chai experiences combined with generations of family recipes resulting in east and west infusion blends. All blends are inspired by different regions in India, as chai is made various ways throughout throughout the country, creating local flavors by utilizing regional spices. These artisans wanted to create blends that give you the opportunity to get to know these beautiful places and their local flavors from anywhere in the world! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. 

You can learn more about The Chai Box and the artisans behind the Maha Loka tea collaboration here.

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