Made From Love

The lovely people at Eco Lips truly are part of a love story. When arriving as the first USDA-certified organic lip balm on the market in 2003, they realized that for many, this product would be the first-ever organic product they would purchase. Taking this role seriously, the company set out to prove their worth, and we at Maha Loka believe they have achieved this goal. They source the best fair trade, gluten-free and cruelty-free ingredients from all over the world, and company purchasers strive to find the purest and highest quality raw materials available. Eco Lips’s products and the ingredients they require naturally support organic farming and sustainable business practices. Product packaging and shipping materials also evolve into cleaner, more eco-friendly alternatives as the technology becomes available, such as our recyclable lip balm containers made with 40 percent recycled content.

Not only is the utmost care taken in the creation of each product, but Eco Lips also strives to reduce environmental impact. In 2004, the company initiated Iowa’s largest solar project. By placing four large solar panels on a building adjacent to the historic Cherry Building (located in the New Bohemia district of Cedar Rapids, Iowa) in which their production facility is located, the company was able to offset the neighborhood’s energy usage.

Eco Lips is more than a lip balm. We use our products to compel our great ideals: healthy and active lifestyles and a deep respect for the soil we tread on. This philosophy is intended to create harmony with all of those whose lives we touch, and this great planet Mother Earth.
— Eco Lips

The great people at Eco Lips see the same value in this Great World as we do here at Maha Loka. It is with great passion and meaning we seek the most resourceful and imaginative materials and products, so we are incredibly grateful to collaborate with Eco Lips on fantastic products that support both companies’ vision of a united world. With the planet in mind, they have created a line of sustainable products to reflect our mutual desire to protect the earth and its people.


Why go organic?

‘Organic’ is used to describe the method(s) used to cultivate a plant. Organic crops are produced by farmers whose production systems avoid the use of synthetically compounded fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators, and livestock feed additives. Organic farming systems utilize biological methods such as crop rotation, crop residues, animal manures and mechanical cultivation to maintain soil productivity, supply plant nutrients, and control weeds, insects and other pests.

Overall, organic farmers place a greater consideration of the impact of the farming system on the wider environment inclusive of wildlife conservation as well as public health.