Life Hack

Life hack. Isn’t that what everyone is looking for these days? Something to make life easier, quicker, or more convenient. Somewhere along the line we quit determining the quality of a person by their character, but instead pass judgment based on what version of iPhone they use. Society has shifted to reflect the epidemic of ‘want’ that has made itself so prevalent.

Everyone is searching for happiness like it’s something to be found. Let me tell you the best life hack you’ll ever hear: be grateful.  Happiness cannot be found outside. It cannot be found in the newest technology or the biggest house. Think of your ‘want’ as a pebble. Once that want falls into the mind, it creates a depression that your mind must now fulfill. You were happy before the want and you are happy now that you have fulfilled your want. But, where does this happiness come from? Let me give you a little hint, it isn’t from your newly aquired want. You regained the happiness when you filled the cavity created by the want in the first place.



Now what if you flipped that pattern of thinking upside down? Make the things you do have into mountains instead of making the things you don’t into valleys. Instead of being aggravated with the crack in your phone screen, be grateful you have a phone, period. When you are upset that your clothes aren’t the latest and greatest trends, be grateful you have clothes, period. If your (too expensive) coffee spills, be grateful you got to drink a bit of it...and maybe even look forward to drinking tomorrow’s coffee, and be grateful for it, too.

Practicing gratitude will change your life. Not it might, not it could, it WILL. Rewiring your mind to default to a positive reaction in response to any situation is a game changer. You’ll be happier, healthier, and open to bigger and better opportunities in life. Your best life hack is living in a way that is sustainable for YOU. All the natural products and eco friendly fashion in the world won’t mean a thing if you aren’t mentally, spiritually, and physically healthy. So make an effort to not try and find happy, but to just BE happy.


Happiness, it cannot come--because it simply is. It is alwayseverywhere.

Maha Loka