Practicing Self-Care: I Am Affirmations

I am enough. I am worthy of living a great life. Two things that I make sure to tell myself every morning. 


In a world as fast paced as ours, it can become easy to forget the importance of self-care. Wake up, hustle, sleep, repeat. I personally find it hard to sometimes even fit a shower into my day, let alone take a long relaxing bubble bath at the end of a particularly rough one. Self-care doesn’t always have to be a physical action, which is why I turn to “I am” affirmations to keep me on track. We always have time to tell ourselves “you’re failing”, or “you can’t do it” so why not put that time and energy into something that will make your life better. “I am strong, mentally and physically”, “I am creating the life I desire”, or even something as simple as “I am happy”. Even if in that moment, you don’t believe what you’re saying, eventually the things you put out into the universe will eventually find its way back to you. When you put positive thoughts out, you have to trust you will receive something positive back. 


By reminding yourself of what you are and what you are not, you build your confidence and learn to accept who you are. Confidence can be a tricky for anyone and especially in this society, I know I’ve dealt with a fair share of struggles in the past. It wasn’t until I began using affirmations that I truly learned what it was like to believe in yourself. I now think of myself only in the best light. 

You are in control of your own life. You determine your happiness. You decide your wrongs and rights. Practicing self-care is how you take your life back when you get a little lost on your journey. 


“Anytime you start a sentence with I AM you are creating what you are and what you want to be.” (Dr. Wayne Dyer)

Maha Loka