Peace, Love and Maha Loka

Be Great. Do Great. Live Great

These simple words embody the spirit of Maha Loka, a brand dedicated to building a supportive global community.

The Maha Loka dream did not reveal itself all at once. Rather, it developed slowly, constantly evolving as I experienced our wonderful world every day.

Throughout my life, I have experienced many exciting opportunities to get to know the extraordinary people that make up our magnificently diverse world. Causal conversations often led to sharing life stories. Strangers became life-long friends after connecting in soul-searching purposeful activities.

What these encounters revealed to me was what we already know in our hearts. Our amazing world is filled with incredible people. Shining spirits with bright promise and eager souls. Individuals driven by a passion to be a part of something greater than themselves.

Filled with hope, happiness, and compassion, each of us carries within us the innate desire to preserve our beautiful environment and its diverse cultures. As we walk this earth as equals, yet unique individuals, our hearts are filled with one wish. We crave a universal home united in purpose to foster love, friendship, and acceptance.

It was the culmination of these encounters and the desire to achieve a globally unified vision that gave birth to Maha Loka. Meaning “Great World",” Maha Loka was not only developed to work with artisans around the globe to produce eco-friendly and sustainable goods, but also to bring together a supportive community of unique personalities and cultures. Maha Loka seemed a fitting name to describe our group of caring individuals who strive towards positive unity.

The mission of this great community is to help support people worldwide by providing ethical and sustainable products. This is achieved by colloborating with artisans from around the globe -from Italy to Bali, New York to Kenya - Who channel their spirit into each of their hand-crafted products. Maha Loka also partners with other brands who share a passion for the earth and its people, along with the same high standards, morals, and values. To give back Maha Loka supports causes that in turn promote the development and sustainability of our great world. In these ways, Maha Loka and its community may succeed in positively influencing the world.

Maha Loka’s mission is only possible through the support of its blended ensemble of artisans, visionaries, and dreamers. As one mind, one body, and one spirit, our remarkable community works together to encourage peace in humanity and ensure the success of creating a world united.

Maha Loka is more than a simple company. It is more than selling products. Maha Loka embodies the aspiration to be great, do great and live great. It is a unified essence, a soul that strives to make this great world a happier, cleaner, and more sustainable place.

Jamie Parker (Founder and Owner)