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Current Maha Loka collaborators:


All Fuscra creations are hand made and reflect a deep passion for quality, style and aesthetics. The love of nature is apparent in each one-of-a-kind design and is made in full respect of the environment.
The wood used in all Fuscra products is a good alternative to leather and all made from high-quality raw material by professional craftsmen. Each item has strong character and is tailored made to fit your needs of style.


Since the beginning, Spuren has focused on developing a socially responsible company. The SPUREN® brand  has grown proud of the meaningful impact it makes on the community by supplying steady jobs, lawful salaries and benefits to El Salvadorian craftsmen and women.
No two bags are alike and, when looking at the craftsmanship, it’s hard to imagine that certain accents and details of these bags were ever discarded inner tubes set to pollute the earth in landfills.

The Alchemyst:

The Alchemyst is a small company specializing in 100% natural products for everyday health and beauty.The company prides itself on presenting a product full of tradition and integrity. Taking an old world apothecary approach on health and beauty and pairing it with original art labels offers up a little imagination into the everyday.

Nicole Paloma:

Nicole Paloma creates authentic custom sewn apparel. Unique, comfortable, and stylish handmade pieces reflect her fearless and unique personality while complementing the coastal environment in which they are created.